England- no mater where I live this will always be home. The aura of deep-rooted history that oozes from almost every nook and cranny of the land. Towns and villages, castles and cathedrals all with a deep sense of belonging, rooted into the bedrock of this ancient country. These aspects create calming and comfortable landscapes that will always settle my mind. England may not be epic like the Himalayas or vast like the plains of Africa but what it is, is a place that encourages leisurely contemplation. Whether gazing at magnificent architecture from a thousand-year-old bridge, admiring spectacular views aloft from a not too tiring hill or – my favorite – held up  in the corner of a stone-floored country pub with a well-earned pint in hand eating a  beef and gravy filled yorkshire pudding. No matter the weather, wherever you go it will be warm welcome. 

Barn - Malham - Yorkshire Dales plate1
Bamburgh Castle - Northumberland plate 1
Bamburgh  - Northumberland plate 2
Derwentwater - Lake District plate 4
Bamburgh Castle - Northumberland plate 5
Derwentwater - Lake District plate 6
Whitby storm - North Yorkshire
Shingle Street Beach - Suffolk plate 8
Shingle Street Beach - Suffolk plate 9
Shingle Street Beach - Suffolk plate 10