This starkly beautiful island, is the northernmost, harshest, coldest, and least settled region of Japan. It is bordered by the Sea of Japan to the west, separating it from the eastern shores of South and North Korea and southeastern Siberia, the Sea of Okhotsk to the north, and the Pacific Ocean to the east and south. While the average February temperature ranges from −12 to −4 °C, much lower is not uncommon, depending on elevation and distance from the ocean, though temperatures on the western side of the island tend to be a little warmer than on the eastern.

Hokkaido in winter is truly wonderful. With on average 190 inches of snow in 6 months, its many volcanic peaks (some active), wild weather, primeval forests and isolated regions, it has everything a landscape photographer could wish for.

Notsuke Bay - Hokkaido plate 1
Notsuke Bay - Hokkaido plate 2
Biei -  Hokkaido plate 1
Biei -  Hokkaido plate 2
Biei -  Hokkaido plate 3
East coast - Hokkaido plate 1
East coast - Hokkaido plate 2
East coast - Hokkaido plate 3
Lake Saroma  - Hokkaido
Abashiri - Hokkaido
East coast - Hokkaido plate 4
Lake Kussharo tree - Hokkaido
Snow defence Lake Kussharo - Hokkaido