Being Creative - Instinct or Emotion?

I shall start today's little ramble with a question- where do you think your creativity comes from and is it instinctive, emotional or both?

Being creative can be a scary emotion. When we create work, a part of our soul inherently goes into it, also along with this, the feeling of failure. I also believe creativity is an instinct ingrained in our human psyche. If not, as humans we probably wouldn't have survived all this time if we hadn't felt this desire to create, transform, and mould this world we live in.

As we have gradually increased our understanding of how the world spins, we have become so comfortable in our environment, that the predictability of everyday life, it could be argued, is now a punishment of these modern times. The daily challenge of survival is no longer something we face. For most, a working week of 40 hours is all we need to give, in return, being left with our free time but having not much of an idea what to actually do with it. Therefore, we indulge in a life of passive entertainment and hopeless fantasies. I have come to learn that for me to truly feel joy in life, I must indulge my creative impulses to the fullest. It is the desire and the need to create. Whether it be making art, making conversation, making solutions to problems at work, music, or anything else that we put our minds and bodies into. The need to just produce "something" that was not there to start with is instinct. For me, this is making landscape images.

When I or other circumstances prevent me from expressing my creative side, I become anxious, depressed, angry, frustrated or maniacal.

Photography and being out in the landscape has provided a necessary release and medicine for this creative side. I forget everything, I get lost in my surroundings, functioning on instinct and emotional response. It's such a pleasure to feel this way. Photography is my form of self-expression.

I am convinced that we all have creative instincts inside, we just need to let them grow. I have often been guilty of allowing my inner voice, and others around, to prevent this self-expression. But I am insistent that there is no “right” or “wrong” way to express yourself in whichever creative form you would follow. Just be true to yourself, genuinely, and care not about how others will judge you.