The enduring power of landscape images.

Photography has so many genres, all with the ability to reveal different things about the world. A portrait is an intimate moment between photographer and subject, a recognition of the fleeting instance where the subject is, was, and never will be again. Photo-journalism shows us the things we may not know, but should, and helps to tell the story unblemished by words or opinion; just an image to show us another kind of truth.

Landscape photography is different again, interlaced with a complex kind of beauty and meaning.

It is so much more than just about a mountain range, desert or ocean. For the photographer, the landscape before them is the canvas, subject, and inspiration rolled into one. Imbued with memories for the photographer; they are a reminder of not only what was seen, but also experienced and felt, all captured in that one fleeting moment. Captivating photography is, I believe, always a result to an emotional response to what we are witnessing at the time.

This is the real challenge and addiction to landscape photography, conveying that emotion which the artist felt to then be able to try and share those moments with others. depicting the real sensation of the place in the final viewed print.

The emotions in landscape photography are perhaps deeper than any other. To truly capture a place, it requires a connection with land and nature. These force the photographer to think intimately about not just how or what to shoot, but why. What do they want this place and this shot to be? To represent? With care and attention going into the composition, will hopefully ensure that the subject of each piece is given justice, to represent something unique and creative about that particular moment.

Trusting the photographer in their creative process will enable the audience to experience far-off, sometimes otherworldly destinations, which to many may only be a dream or not known about. This is the true power of a landscape images. To see something profound and beautiful in the photographer's journey to that place, both literal and creative, and from that to feel, at least in part, some of what the artist felt. That shared emotion, the shared connection with the earth, is what keeps the magic alive. This is the enduring power of landscape images.