The Restless Photographer.

It's been 3 months since returning from a fantastic and fortunate month of travelling in South America. During my time away I believe I have changed. I have experienced many new things and met some fantastic people that I feel if not through photography I may never have encountered. Travel and photography have provided confidence in myself and a more compassionate outlook on the world around me. To be able to visit such places as Patagonia and Bolivia is a once in a lifetime opportunity or so I always told myself.

The first month after returning was filled with excitement, the joy of being back with my family and the steady stream of new images to work on coincided with a lull in work with my day job. Images were rolling out and building a new website consumed all my time, but once I had broken the back on these tasks it didn't take long for those itchy feet and fingers to kick in and I reacquainted myself with my old friend flight finder.

The world is so easy to travel around, all those far off destinations I used to see on tv as a child are now quite accessible. Traveling abroad is still to some degree a real luxury. A once a year expedition to escape those everyday surroundings and the routine grind of work. But now since picking up a camera, photography has become the reason to travel and once a year just doesn't satisfy this need. It's become a drug and not a cheap one at that.

With one trip to Japan already planned for the beginning of 2018, I now find myself in the process of planning a return to the Atacama again, hopefully in August.

After participating on a few tours now I believe I'm not alone with my addiction. I would bet that most people with a passion for the outdoors whether it be hiking, sailing, mountaineering photography or whatever, have the desire and need to get away, removing themselves from the " Ground hog day" feeling. That sense of restlessness, never really knowing exactly where we want to be, I suppose is just the way it is.. we can't control the urge or the impulse to just get out there and explore the world whether it be close to home or afar.