Turn the negative into a positive.

Most of us at some point would like to be able to find that next big thing but just about all of us will never achieve this. But rather than casting blame maybe its time to congratulate ourselves? Failure is nothing to be ashamed of, but instead the unwillingness to try and experiment maybe should. Believe in your ability to realise that there is more to be done, learned and in the expressions we wish to make with our art. Creative blocks and our own personal struggles, guide us along the road in search of a meaning to our work that maybe yet has to materialize. Easy to say and much harder in practice, but even if everything you produce at the moment is crap, don’t give up, everything you’re doing is helping that building of the bigger picture, and you will come out the other side better for it.

Every image I create, whether I think it's good or bad, contributes to my photographic education. For this very reason I never think that any of my work is a failure: it all contributes in some way. I have come to understand that a good artist knows that they are always learning, and will always have much to learn. They are also aware that creating art isn't just about success, it's about the journey. For this very reason I never think that any of my work is a failure: it all contributes in some way.

Words such as failure or success are insignificant, making mistakes are just a process that we have to go through. Without failure we can not learn what does and does not work. Accept that most of what we produce will not live up to our own personal expectations. This is good and a healthy attitude. Until we get to where we wanted to go with a piece of work, everything we create on the road to getting it right is a mock-up, not a failure. Personally, I believe I try to put the work in, but I understand this journey is a long one, one I may never complete, but it’s all about the journey! Everything I've done, every bad photo I've made and every successful one has taught me something, and has contributed to me being who I am now. I believe my work is never finished, I shall just enjoy trying.