Whats wrong with a bit of rain?

I went back to the Isle of Harris a few weeks ago. I love it up there. Unlike previous visits where I would try and cram in as many locations as possible, I stuck mainly to Luskantyre and Seilebost beaches. Just as expected the weather was the usual washing machine mix of conditions that I've experienced before with Harris. One minute it's dry and sunny, the next, storm clouds are racing over the horizon.

On this trip, I have been trying out a new "lockdown system purchase" consisting of a Hasselblad 50cv2 digital back with a 503cw body, complimented also with a film back.

It's a fantastic system in principle but I did find myself getting frustrated with it at times, just about always user error, swapping out the large exposed camera sensor in rain was sometimes a little tricky or forgetting to pull the dark slide out when you have been waiting for the perfect position of a wave, or the cable release falling off, just to name a few. But when the final results come through all is forgotten and I just fall in love with it.

So in this particular image, there is a stream running down the left-hand side of the beach towards the sea. Placing myself in the middle of the outgoing water, I deliberately used a long exposure to soften the current, hoping to blend with the textures in the sand on either side.

The sky as you can see was very overcast, but soft and it was raining quite a lot. In trying to match the foreground or lower part of the image with the soft sky, plus using a nice wide-angle to accentuate the foreground water result in the image you see above

So what's wrong with a bit of rain, and is it the time to put away the camera or the best time to take it out?