Scotland during November can be harsh, windy, cold, and is just about guaranteed to be wet. But what may be a bleak outlook for the locals, often brings excitement and reward to me. 
The chance of winter storms blowing through gives the opportunity to work with the weather and constantly changing light. 
Every landscape photography shoot in the Scottish Hebrides is special to me. I love the moody, changeable skies and far-reaching views across the seas towards the other Hebridean islands, which themselves create a wonderful backdrop to any photograph. I love the white sands and turquoise seas
there is little in the way of craggy coastlines or sharp domineering mountains, on this island, but this lacking enables me to concentrate on the basic elements of image-making - colour and tone.
Harris is all about atmospheric changes. and
to be emersed in this landscape, spending days absorbing the elements is a true luxury. 

Taransay ffrom Isle of Harris plate 1
Luskentyre beach plate 2
Luskentyre beach plate 3
Torridin Bonsai tree plate 4
Luskentyre beach plate 5
Taransay from Seilebost Beach plate 6
Taransay from Seilebost Beach plate 7
Taransay from Seilebost Beach plate 8
Taransay from Seilebost Beach plate 9
Stac Pollaidh , Assynt plate 10
Taransay from Seilebost Beach plate 11
Stac-Pollaidh, Assynt -Inverpolly-Plate 13
Lone tree cluster Inverpolly plate 14
Stac-Pollaidh, Assynt -Inverpolly-Plate 15
Loch Maree Trees plate 16
Stac-Pollaidh, Assynt -Inverpolly-Plate 17
Stac-Pollaidh, Assynt -Inverpolly-Plate 18
Taransay from Seilebost Beach plate 19
Luskentyre bay Isle of Harris plate 20
Taransay from Nisabost Beach plate 21